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The African Girl: Her Hope, Her Vision, and Her Mission

Jemila was born on December 4th, 2005. The laughter on her face said it all. It was full of the desire for a better day. Each day lightened her heart, and every moment told volumes.  Somewhere in Jemila’s heart, she knew she had a purpose and a hope to hold on to. But her environment spoke the opposite of her thoughts. As she grew, it seemed her hope was flying in the air. The more she […]

Ten Reasons Why Young Girls Need Quality Education

Underdeveloped countries with low education levels report thousands of children dying before the age of five. When a girl is given the opportunity of formal education, she knows when she should seek medical care for her child, ensures her children are immunized, and has knowledge about her children’s nutritional requirements. She also practices better hygiene. This makes their infants and children healthier and better nourished thereby ensuring their survival beyond five years of age.  A […]