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Our Public Awareness Campaign, PAC

Casey Foundation Africa recognizes the need to reach out to the communities to educate them on child marriage and adolescent pregnancy and its consequences on girls, families, and their communities to enable them to make informed decisions that prevent and protect girls from child marriage.

Campaign Description

Our Public Awareness Campaign, PAC creates advocacy messages highlighting how child marriage affects girls, the economic consequences of child marriage for the girls, families, communities, and the nation, and the health risks of early pregnancy to initiate discussions among families, communities, and the nation on how to empower, protect, and keep girls in schools for a sustainable future.

The Constitution of the Republic of Uganda says, “Men and women of the age of eighteen years and above have the right to marry and to found a family and are entitled to equal rights in marriage, during marriage and at its dissolution. The Casey Foundation Africa noted that many girls marry without their consent, which abuses their rights, initiating our Public Awareness Campaign.

Campaign Goals/Objectives

  • Release advocacy information that empowers girls, families, and the community not to consider child marriage as a solution to the economic hardships
  • Initiate and hold meetings/workshops with families, communities, schools, and the district on how to empower, protect, and keep girls in schools

Our Campaign Main Critical Success Factor

Families, including men, women, and children, will find value in the advocacy messages. Boys & Men agree to avoid marrying girls below 18 years of age. Girls agree not to marry before 18 years of age. Parents agree not to arrange marriages for their daughters before 18 years of age.

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